Paving slabs, road slabs, granite tiles

Paving slabs, road slabs, granite tiles

We offer granite paving slabs, road slabs, and granite tiles in a wide array of colors. Owing to granite properties, they are used for facade, floor and stair construction, as well as for driveways and terraces. Our products stand out due to their high quality, exceptional esthetics and a wide range of offered solutions. Application of granite terrace slabs makes any design fantasy real. Granite slabs are elegant, durable, and give a noble look to all outdoor and indoor surfaces (floors, pavements, facades).

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Easy maintenance is among the advantages of our products. Terrace granite slabs can have different finishing processes, which results in a more or less flat surface. These include flaming, hammering, sandblasting, bush hammering, grinding, and polishing. Flaming is the most common finishing process used mostly for outdoor surfaces, such as driveway, pavement, or a parking place. The surface is rough and slip resistant. It allows safe movement and minimizes tripping over and falling, that is why flamed granite can be used in places having contact with water or ice. Granite slabs can also have a more smooth finish acquired by grinding or polishing. Such kind of granite is often used indoors for floors, window sills or stairs.
Granite, including granite slabs is often used in public spaces as wall and floor cover, because it is easy to clean and maintain. It is resistant to adverse weather conditions, mechanical damage, and shows low absorption. Granite surfaces can be easily cleaned by a pressure washer.

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Our granite slabs are compliant to PN EN 1342:2003 specification.

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