Granite paving stone

Granite paving stone

Granite paving stone is an excellent product for construction of roads, pavements, parking places, or driveways. Its natural characteristics make granite paving stone surface last for many years. Granite is resistant to difficult weather conditions, UV radiation, frost, and rain. Low absorbability allows high stain resistance and facilitates easy cleaning with pressure washer. Granite paving stone is exceptionally hard and impact resistant. Furthermore, surfaces laid with granite paving stone are particularly esthetic and elegant. Granite arranges very well with various landscapes and the production and finishing process allows to create a desired style. Granite paving stone is readily used in public investments, road construction, as well as private properties, driveways, pavements or garden architecture. Granite looks beautiful and glitters in the sun, which makes it a perfect decoration for any garden or park.

Flamed granite paving stone

Flamed granite paving stone is characterized by an esthetic look, but it is also very practical. The flaming process makes the surface of the stone more rough, which makes it slip resistant, an important factor for the comfort and safety of use. It is a perfect way of decorating and finishing the household, public or service area, can be used to make outdoor steps, terraces, pavements, driveways and garages. Flamed granite is also eagerly used in road construction. Having both esthetic and technological advantages, flamed granite is one of the most universal products.

Flamed granite – functionality and durability in one

Flamed granite products have rough surface thanks to the special treatment process. This makes an excellent slip resistant material, which allows it to be used in places where user safety is a priority, for example any place where icing occurs. The road material is flat, enabling free and easy movement. It does not reflect light and is esthetically pleasing bearing some resemblance to old rock. One thing to emphasize, it is highly durable and lasts a long time even when intensively utilized.

The advantages of flamed granite paving stone:

Granite paving stone – colors and stonework

We work granite in 3 variants resulting in cut, split and cut, and split granite paving stone. It involves the processes of cutting and splitting the stone. Cut stone is finished with two methods: flaming and sandblasting. This makes the surface of the stone rough and in consequence slip resistant and safe for use. We offer a wide variety of Polish and imported granite in different colors:

Our granite paving stone conforms with all specifications and approvals for use. It is produced in compliance to the construction specification PN-EN 1342-2003.

Cleaning and maintenance of granite paving stone

Granite paving stone is easy to clean and maintain owing to low water absorption which allows granite to keep its structure even in changing weather conditions. Granite paving stone maintains its ideal look throughout the years. When granite paving stone is polluted with dust, mud or other displeasing materials it can be easily cleaned using a pressure washer. The combination of high pressure and dedicated detergent will quickly and easily remove the dirt. Keep in mind not to remove the sand from within separate stones so that the paving stone keeps its strength and stability.

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