Cut granite paving stone

Cut granite paving stone

We offer granite paving stone cut on all sides. The upper surface is flamed or sandblasted which allows to achieve rough, slip resistant surface. Owing to this process, it may be used in any place where safety of users is paramount and there is a risk of icing. Cut granite paving stone can also be used on terraces and as a decorative element of the garden. The surface is flat and allows for easy movement, does not reflect sunlight, and looks impressive. Flamed or sandblasted granite is incredibly durable and can serve you for many years to come even during intensive use.

“Strzegom” and “Strzelin” granite paving stone

This is a highly popular granite from Poland which boasts high endurance parameters. Both “Strzegom” and “Strzelin” granite paving stone is made from the highest quality granite. It is resistant to adverse weather conditions, tear, and mechanical damage. The difference between the two types is in the granulation structure. “Strzelin” granite paving stone has a finer granulation and is a little darker than “Strzegom” granite. It is mined in the larger quarry of such type in Europe.

Both products are compliant to PN EN 1342:2003 specification.

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