IMPEKSTIR – we supply high-quality granite

We are a leader with long tradition of granite products supply. We specialize in pre-fabricated stone road materials and products for general construction. We offer both domestic and imported paving stone, kerbs and stone slabs.

We are reliable and deliver on time. Our customers include international companies and domestic construction companies. We make both infrastructural and commercial investments providing customers with the material compliant with technical specifications of the project.


Having a broad manufacturing scope and experience, we make comprehensive projects taking care of both production and logistics.


We are meticulous in every project we do. We make sure to deliver high-quality products on time and exactly as ordered.


We have had 12 years of experience in the business operating in international and domestic markets for private, public, and commercial customers.


Being experienced specialists, we know inside out the specifics of implemented projects. We understand perfectly that the customer seeks timely deliveries, contracted quality, and competitive price.

Choosing our offer, you choose certainty that your order will be exactly as you want it to be. We offer granite paving stone, granite slabs, kerbs, edgings, granite stairs and wall stone.

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